[November 2023] 1st Annual Symposium by Tokyo Camii Institute
Call for Participation

We are pleased to invite you to contribute your work to the presentation at the “1st Annual Symposium by Tokyo Camii Institute,” which will be held in Tokyo on 3-5 November 2023. This is the first symposium that will be hosted & organized by Tokyo Camii Institute, established as a research institute next to Tokyo Camii. The memorable first theme, details, and application requirements are as follows.

1. Overview
2. Detail
3. Application Method
4. Collaboration
5. Inquiry

1. Overview

1st Annual Symposium by Tokyo Camii Institute – “Islam in the Far East”
Date: November 3. 2023 ~ November 5. 2023
Place: Tokyo Camii & Diyanet Turkish Culture Center
Oyama-cho 1-19, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Chairperson: Ahmad Almansour
Academic Committee: Ahmad Almansour, Yo Nonaka, Fuga Kimura, Megumi Kenjo, Hani Abdelhadi, Naoki Yamamoto
Committee: Ahmad Naoki Maeno, Fuga Kimura, Megumi Kenjo, Cem Guzelbulut, Hani Abdelhadi, Naoki Yamamoto
Secretariat: Elif Acar, Kyoko Nishida

Central Theme: “Islam in the far East”
Outline: The spread of Islam on the earth did not stop and spread to Africa, Europe, and Asia. As any wise person knows, the scope is so vast that Islam in each region has evolved uniquely and harmonized with native cultures while preserving “Islamness.” And here in Japan is no exception. At the memorable 1st symposium of Tokyo Camii Institute, we will set our scenery in the “Far East,” Japan, and would like to explore subthemes as follows.


2. Detail

1. Quran, its translations, and studies
2. Hadith and Classical texts, their translations, and studies
3. Islam and Modern Society
Presentation Types:
Poster presentation by High school students
High school students are invited to poster presentations. We’ll accept group presentations as well as individual. The size of the poster and method of presentation will be informed to the accepted presenter.
Requirements: All poster presenters must be available live, in person, during November 4-5, 2023, to answer questions and share their work with visitors. Please use Japanese or English for your presentation.
Participation fee: Free of charge

Oral presentation by Undergraduate, graduate, and researchers
The speaker will be given 20 minutes to talk. After the talk, you can use discussion space for Q&A/interactive exercise. If it is your own research, you can present it at this conference even if it has already been published elsewhere. (Please check the copyrights of published papers, etc., by yourself.)
Requirements: All oral presenters must be available on a scheduled day between November 3-5, 2023, to attend the event/present live, in in-person. Please use Japanese or English for your presentation.
Participation fee: Undergraduate-1000JPY, Graduate~Reserchers-2000JPY. Payment method will be informed to the accepted presenter.


3. Application Method

If you would like to participate as a presenter, please fill out the application form below and submit it by email by May 31st, 2023Extended/now accepting.
1 Your Name
2 Your mail address
3 Affiliation and grade
4 Subtheme number and title (we accept working titles)
5 abstract of your presentation: About 800 Japanese characters / or about 400 English words

Based on the submitted abstract, our symposium committee will decide on acceptance/rejection and reply to you.

application Form Download word Download pdf

4. Collaboration

If you would like to collaborate, please let us know by e-mail the name of the representative, the affiliation, and the theme you plan to present. Please note that we may ask for adjust, or else we will not be able to accept due to the limited venue space and equipment.


Tokyo Camii Institute – Symposium Secretariat
151-0065 3F, Oyama-cho 1-19, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
E-mail: institute@tokyocamii.org