January 2024 Special Open Lecture by TC Institute “Morocco Earthquake Charity Day”

Our Special Open Lecture in January 2024 will be held by various study groups of Keio University SFC to support Moroccan earthquake victims. In addition to introducing Morocco, a photo exhibition and embroidery workshop will also be held at the same time. We look forward to your participation.

Date: January 27(Sat), 28(Sun)
Lecture: Jan. 27(Sat) 13:00~14:30
Lecturer: Aqil Cheddadi (Visiting Lecturer, Keio Univ.)
Kaoru Yamamoto(Asst. Prof, Keio Univ.)
Research Members of Keio SFC Laboratories

Moroccan embroidery WS: Jan. 27(Sat) ①14:30 ②15:30 ③16:30 ④17:30
Lecturer: Atamanchuk Nakayama Nahomi
Fee: 1000JPY (The entire amount will be donated)

Photo Exhibition: January 27(Sat), 28(Sun)
Planned by: Keio Univ. SFC
Photo by: Aqil Cheddadi