“Sohbet” – January’s Gathering

A Muslim who has studied in the traditional medrese of the long-lasting capital of empires, where various Islamic studies have been developed over the centuries, shares his knowledge of Islam in Japanese. Please feel free to drop in.

“Sohbet” – January’s Gathering
January 6 (Sat) 16:00 ~ 16:30
No application required

Sohbet – What is Sohbet?

“Sohbet” – the most common and long-established social practice of “sohbet” is that men considered adults from local communities, gather and exchange ideas, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or social status. Sohbet members were required to be sincere, have an honest family, be trustworthy, respect the elders, not gamble, not get drunk in public, etc.

Sohbet comes in various formats and ways of participation, sometimes accompanied by light meals, reading circles, recitations, and plays. These traditional Sohbets are essential in conveying ethical values ​​such as fairness, tolerance, kindness, and respect for each other in the community. Sohbet is now designated as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.