Change of Venue: Will be held at Annex B1F Ertugrul Hall

Urgent Special Open Lecture by TC Institute
“How to Understand the Palestine Issue – to Avoid Falling Into the Word Traps”

Israel-Palestine escalation is becoming increasingly tense. Oversimplification of the situation and emotional responses through such as social media run the risk of making it more challenging to resolve the issue. We are holding this open lecture for deeper understanding in light of these matters. We’re looking forward to you taking the time to participate.

Date: Oct. 21(Sat) 13:00~14:30
Place: Tokyo Camii 1st floor multipurpose hall Annex B1F Ertugrul Hall
Lecturer: Hani Abdelhadi (Senior Asst. Prof., Faculty of Commerce, Meiji University)
Language: Japanese
Free to Join

For reference: [Tokyo Camii Special Open Lecture in July 2021] “An Introduction to Palestine Issue: History, Current State & Ways to Better Respond”(Lecturer:Hani Abdelhadi, language:Japanese)