2023 October’s Special Open Lecture by TC Institute “Young Muslim’s Eyes @ Tokyo Camii”

Young Muslim’s Eyes is a project planned jointly by cultural anthropologist Kae Amo (Kyoto University, specializing in modern society and Islam), artist/film director Kenichi Sawazaki (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature), and Yo Nonaka (Keio University, specializing in Islam and gender).

In this project, we aim to conduct a research study focusing on the lifestyle and activities of young Muslims who will lead the new generation in Japan. Simultaneously, we will create participant-led video works and explore new forms of expression while considering the impact of video content and media on society and actors. …
(from “Young Muslim’s Eyes” website

Date: Oct. 28 (Sat)
13:00~13:45 Documentary Film “Young Muslim’s Eyes”
14:00~15:00 Special Open Lecture Part.1
15:30~16:30 Special Open Lecture Part.2

Project Member
Yo NONAKA (Assoc. Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio Univ)
Kenichi SAWAZAKI (Videographer/Assistant Professor, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)
Kae AMO (Asst. Professor, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto Univ)
Shuta SHIMMYO(Videographer/Lecturer (part-time), Tokyo University of the Arts)
Young Muslims

Exhibition “Young Muslim’s Eyes @ Tokyo Camii”
Oct.28(Sat), 29(Sun), Nov. 3(Fri), 4(Sat), 5(Sun)

Young Muslim’s Eyes (YouTube Channel)